About SIP: Social Investment Partners


Social Investment Partners (SIP) was established as a general incorporated association in November 2012 and is Japan's first true venture philanthropy organization.
SIP carefully selects social purpose organizations that exhibit a combination of Social Responsibility, which is the search for solutions to social issues; Innovative Thinking, which is the creative formulation of solutions; and Business Feasibility, which ensures a sustainable business model. SIP provides mid- and long-term funding as well as strategic support of the management of these companies' operations.

SIP focuses on sectors that will be instrumental in stabilizing Japan's social infrastructure through training the next generation of Japanese talent. Specifically, these include education and youth employment, childcare and active participation by women in the workplace, and the revitalization of local communities.
Our mission is to maximize the social impact that social purpose organizations can have by supporting their continued activity and facilitating the creation of a society where funding and strategic support from the private sector can circle back for the public good.



Established November 9, 2012
Address Aoyama Tower Place 8F
8-4-14, Akasaka, Minato-ward, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Format General incorporated association
Contact E-mail: info@sipartners.org
Activities SIP is engaged in the following activities, with the aim of providing consultation and financial support for diverse social purpose organizations. In this way, we strive to help them better contribute to society and remain sustainable, going concerns.
 1. Support decision-making in business strategy & planning
 2. Provide diverse business resources to aid in plan implementation
 3. Shore up with balance sheets and internal organization
 4. Provide financial support through the Fund
 5. Other activities necessary to the achievement of SIP goals